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Sifu Brian Tufts started his martial arts training at 10 years of age at a YMCA in Tucson, Arizona. Growing up without a father figure, his mother enrolled him in a Judo class as a means to acquire some direction. After a year of Judo, Sifu decided that he would rather learn a stand up art.

While in the seventh grade, a local Tae Kwon Do instructor put on a demonstation at Sifu's Elementary school. Sifu loved what he saw and signed up right away. After learning Tae Kwon Do for about four years, Sifu was practicing forms in his back yard when his neighbor asked him if he would like to free spar. He agreed, but it only took a little while for him to realize that he was out classed. So Sifu trained with his neighbor until the neighbor had no more to teach him. His neighbor then introduced him to Fong's Wing Chun Gung Fu Federation.

Sifu trained with Master Fong for 12.5 years and in May of 1992 became a Certified Instructor. He then moved to Tempe, Arizona and opened Tufts' Wing Chun Gung Fu Academy. In 2003, Sifu entered the Tiger Balm International Chinese Martial Arts Championship and won the Heavy Weight Chi Sau Competition. Sifu now teaches private and regular classes out of a small studio at his residence in Cave Creek, Arizona.

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Monday 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Wednesday 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Thursday 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Sunday - Private lessons by appointment only.

Note - Class schedule is subject to change.

Location - In-home studio in Cave Creek, Arizona (please contact Sifu Brian for address and directions).

Atmosphere - Classes are taught in a casual, controlled and safe environment. All fitness levels (male or female) welcome.

Attire - Casual, loose-fitting black pants (long or short), gym shoes and official school shirt.

A container of water is recommended.

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The gallery is a collection of images from Sifu's private collection and from class.

In a few of the images from Sifu's private collection, his teacher, Sifu Augustine Fong, is demonstrating Chi Sau (sticky hands) with his teacher, Grand Master Ho Kam Ming. To learn more about Chi Sau, visit the Applied page.

The images taken during class are of students ranging from beginners to advanced. Periodically, images will be added or replaced.

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Yip Man (front, center), Ho Kam Ming (left of Yip Man), Augustine Fong {behind the person to the left of Ho Kam Ming (second row, checkered shirt)}
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