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Wing Chun training requires minimal equipment. An iron palm bag is used to condition the hands and develop power. A wall bag is used to develop punching power and to condition the fists, arms and shoulders. Other equipment such as heavy bags, kicking shields and focus mitts can be added.
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Mok Yan Jong

Mok Yan Jong (also known as the Wooden Dummy) training is an important key to unlocking the practical potential of the three Wing Chun hand forms by enabling the practitioner to integrate into a real life combat situation the principles they contain. Repeated practice under a qualified Sifu allows the more advanced student to develop the proper use of power, mobility and body unity, the best position for blocking and attacking, breaking / changing and regaining the centerline, flowing from one position to the next, conditioning or toughening the body and much much more. Techniques are also improved as the student learns to move around an unyielding, unrelenting opponent.
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Bot Jaam Do (Butterfly Swords)

The Bot Jaam Do are two swords, each about the length of the lower arm (wrist to elbow), that are used as an extension of the arms. In other words, the motion applied to the swords is similar to the motion of the arms in the Wing Chun forms and hand techniques.

Six and a Half Point Pole (Long Pole)

The six and a half point pole (eight feet in length) was once used to push small boats along shallow rivers. Fishermen developed a fighting system using this very long pole. The story has it that a fisherman saw a Wing Chun practitioner practicing the Bot Jaam Do form and agreed to teach the pole form in exchange for the sword form.

Exercise Bags | Mok Yan Jong
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