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Sil Lim Tau

The Siu Lim Tau (Small Idea) is the cornerstone of the Wing Chun forms. It is crucial for developing the strong foundation that all other forms and techniques are built upon. Goals of the Siu Lim Tau include strengthening the stance, the principles of the center line and proper distancing.

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Sil Lim Tau | Bue Gee

Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu (Searching For The Bridge) adds the concept of body unity and linear attack force to the basic foundation principles learned in the Siu Lim Tau. The concept of absorbing and re-directing incoming force through proper footwork becomes more apparent.

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Sil Lim Tau | Chum Kiu

Bue Gee

The techniques in Bue Gee (Shooting Fingers) build awareness of diagonal lines from which to block or strike. Bue Gee techniques are sometimes referred to as emergency techniques because they incorporate the principles of large circles to counter and re-direct close, incoming attacks.

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Sil Lim Tau | Chum Kiu
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